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Below is the complete list of service prices. Services charged on a monthly basis such as server colocation are subject to a minimum service contract. All services are offered based on acceptance of our terms of service. Domain registrations are also subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions for the registry responsible for that domain type. These can be viewed by following the corresponding link below.

Domain registrations




.com   Commercial   15   27   100
.net   International   15   27   100
.org   Organization   15   27   100
.biz   Businesses       27    
.info   International       27   UK Personal       10   UK Commercial       10   UK Limited Company       10   UK Public Limited Company       10   UK Organisation       10   UK Government Agencies       110   UK Academic Institutions       110   US Commercial       55   EU Commercial       55   UK Commercial       55   GB Commercial       55   UK       55   GB       55    
.eu   european website       20    
.eu   european website       20    
.ac   Ascension Island       110    

Domain transfer




Transfer domain to (aq) (com/net/org) 27        
Transfer domain to (aq) Free!        
retag/service reinstation admin fee 25        
minimum admin fee - chargeable for misc tasks 25        





email forwarding 5   10    
email/web forwarding 10   20    

Mailboxes (5MB per mailbox)




POP3 mailbox 15   30    
5 POP3 mailboxs 60   120    
10 POP3 mailboxs 100   200    
20 POP3 mailboxs 150   300    





10MB Webspace 50   100    
20MB Webspace 80   160    
50MB Webspace 150   300    
50MB RealMedia Webspace 250   500    
10MB Webspace [upgrade] 35   70    
20MB Webspace [upgrade] 60   120    
50MB Webspace [upgrade] 120   240    
10MB SSL Webspace [upgrade] 30   60    
MySQL database [upgrade] 130   260    

Ensim control panel




300MB ensim control panel (upto 30 domains) 30   monthly payment
500MB ensim control panel (upto 50 domains) 45   monthly payment
1000MB ensim control panel (upto 100 domains) 90   monthly payment
Dedicated ensim control panel (full server access) 150   monthly payment
Standard setup charge for dedicated server 400   setup charge
weekly backup for up to 10GB data 100   monthly payment
weekly backup for 10-20GB data 175   monthly payment

Virtual server




250MB Virtual Server (VS250) 100   monthly payment
500MB Virtual Server (VS500) 150   monthly payment
2000MB Virtual Server (VS2000) 350   monthly payment
128bit SSL certificate [upgrade] 200   setup charge
TomCat JAVA engine [upgrade] 100   setup charge
30MB MySQL [upgrade] 75   setup charge

Colocated server




Standard setup charge 100   setup charge
U Server space (5GB/month) 100   monthly payment
2U Server space (10GB/month) 175   monthly payment
Additional bandwidth (10GB/month) 100   monthly payment
Power Billing 0   monthly payment





SecondaryMail backup service 300        

SMS credits




50 SMS credits 6        
1 Sever monitoring and SMS notification 100        
1 SMS messages - contract 0.1        
100 SMS credits 10        
200 SMS credits 19        
500 SMS credits 45        
1000 SMS credits 80        
1000 Premium route UK messagecredits 100        





0870 telephone number 10      

Company incorporations




Company formation 140        


Please note - pricing for service renewals are usually slightly higher than the prices for initial registration, depending upon the domain and service type. This reflects the greater volume of administration involved in processing renewals compared to the original order. Renewals for domains which have been transferred to (aq) also are subject to slightly higher renewal fees. These higher fees help to cover the costs of chasing payments and reconciling renewals. As registries, such as Nominet, become more automated regarding renewals, (aq) will be able to automate this process and as a result offer reduced renewal prices.


POP3 mailboxes are 5MB total mail quota per mailbox. All mail Relaying/forwarding is subject to size restrictions, typically 8MB per message. If this is not suitable for your requirement, please contact us and we can produce a quotation which matches your specification.

All prices subject to VAT at 20%

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