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 SMS Services

Click here to visit
SMS services are now provided through our dedicated messaging site at now offering...

•  Convenient web based messaging

•  Bulk SMS distribution

•  Interactive SMS services

•  sms2email and email2sms

(aq) recently launched it's dedicated messaging site at This site includes all the existing text messaging services combined a range of new services accessible through a more user friendly interface. You will find an overview of sms2email services below, but please visit the for more information.

Convenient web based messaging

sms2email allows for quick and easy text messaging. Send messages to one or more numbers, manage you contacts via an account based address book. Specify the message originator so it appears from your mobile number, name, company name...

Bulk SMS distribution

If you have a large contact database you can import a data file to your account and create a range of distribution lists to send bulk sms mailouts for information services or SMS marketing.

Interactive SMS services

Textback allows for a range of interactive messaging services. Assign keywords to your account and any messages sent to our memorable gateway number 07766 40 41 42 will be either stored on your account, relayed as an email, replied to with a predetermined text message or a http/https post can be made to allow integration with your existing systems.

sms2email and email2sms

Balance the conveniences of email and SMS through our sms2email and email2sms services. Our service can relay SMS messages as emails to any email address, simply start the message with the email address you wish the message to go to and send it to our memorable gateway number 07766 40 41 42. Alternatively have emails relayed as SMS messages by assigning a 'keyword' with a corresponding mobile number. When you email '' the message will be relayed via SMS to the mobile number assigned to the keyword.

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