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We offer a wide of services from domain registration and hosting services to interactive SMS and project work.

Domain registration, email accounts, email & web forwarding

Web hosting, virtual servers and server colocation

Range of server and email backup solutions

Interactive and bulk sms services

Domain name registration

A good domain name creates inherent value for the organization. It is not unlike the ownership of a registered trademark and can prevent "passing-off". Domain names that reflect the name of the organization (eg., are an invaluable asset to the company.

As the Internet grows and domain names become more scarce, premiums for existing domain names will increase significantly. It is worthwhile securing yourname or yourcompanyname even if you don't intend to have a website or email address in the immediate future. Once your name has been taken by a third party, it can confuse your customers. "You've made a name for yourself - protect it!"

In most cases domain names are registered for two year periods, after which time you then have the option to renew the name or let it expire. There are some restrictions in place for the types of names which can be registered, for example '' names can only be registered in the exact form as a company is registered. For more information and prices, click here.

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email & web forwarding

If you already have a website at another ISP who provide free/low cost space, it is likely that they will not allow you to use your own domain name directly without paying for commercial hosting. This is because you no longer have the ISP in your web address and are not providing them with any advertising.

Web forwarding allows you to leave your site with your free ISP and use your new address. If you choose this option when ordering a name, all you need to do is supply your existing web address - we'll do the rest. This is the simplest way to start using your new domain name.

You can edit all of your settings via our user portal. You can change email forwarding destination (upto 25 different destinations plus a "catch-all" account, webforwarding destination, page title, keywords and description tags....

OK - sounds too good to be true, can I have an example please? Sure, here's a test domain: The forwarding for can be changed by you! Log in to our user portal as user: guest and password: guest and enter a URL to forward to, eg. ... Please get the permission ot the forwarding website's owner before "masking" their URL... Try entering your new domain and then specifying a page on the forwarded site - you'll instantly see that our forwarding is superior to most!! eg if your new domain is, forwarded to, if the page exists on the demon site, typing in will access the same page (even though it really exists at!

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POP3 email accounts

If you have no website at the moment, but wish to be able to send and recieve email at your new domain name (eg., the lowest cost option is to use a POP3 account. POP (Post Office Protocol) allows you to access your mail stored on (aq) servers using software such as Microsoft Outlook, Pegasus Mail, Netscape and Eudora. An POP3 account allows you to store 5MB of mail messages and relay messages (outgoing) of up to 8MB. (aq) customers can also access their email from anywhere via the (aq) webmail at

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Web hosting

We offer commercial-grade web hosting for large commerce and also low-cost hosting for small sites. We offer support for Frontpage 2000 and Perl scripts (cgi) and also PHP4 - for other options (including JAVA hosting) please contact us. We provide one FTP account per domain, but for security reasons, we do not allow telnet access. We also offer reseller accounts using a powerful and scaleable VSD solution - this allows up to 200 domains/websites to be hosted on a single reseller account.

We have just invested heavily in branded servers such as SunTM SparcUltra5's, Cobalt RaQ3i'sTM allowing us to offer stability and flexibility. We now offer a range of media hosting solutions, providing high-bandwidth realtime streaming for professional and amateur film and music sites.

If you are a large organisation we can offer colocation of your server at very reasonable rates. We can also supply you with your own dedicated Cobalt RaQ server - effectively turning you into your own ISP. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Server colocation

The costs for (aq) server colocation are 1000 + vat per 1U of rackspace per year, payable quarterly in advance. Each 1U of rackspace is provided with 2 IP addresses and 10GB per month of data transfer. For higher bandwidth usage/burstability, please contact us to discuss your requirements. For rapid setup an installation charge is payable. We offer 24 hour reboots at no charge. On-site expertise is chargeable at our standard hourly rate or via maintenance contract.

We can supply servers starting at 1U high. - either a dedicated Linux or BSD server or a Cobalt RaQ solution. Our prices for Cobalt hardware are well below list price, so contact us last.

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Backup services

If you have a colocated server with (aq) or require remote backup for your own premises, we can offer a backup-to-tape service and also a remote offsite backup service. Your files can be backed up on a scheduled basis to our tape store, or sent via a high capacity connection to our Leeds office and stored on either scsi drive (for fast access) or DAT tape (for archiving). All tapes are stored in our data safe, which is acredited to the stringent German VDMA 24991 120d is standard for data integrity during fire. This means that we are looking after your valuable data!

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Scripting services, Network design, Web development

We have a wealth of programming experience in C, C++, perl, Java, JavaScript, VisualBasic, QBasic, PHP, python and bash scripting. We can offer custom scripting and bespoke solutions. Our greatest levels of expertise are in database-driven sites, using fast db's such as MySQL. We can also offer assistance with hardware setup (UNIX/LINUX), apache, bind, sendmail etc. Cobalt RaQ disaster recovery is also a specialty. Contact

Interactive and bulk SMS services

SMS messaging is the ideal way to perform last-minute marketing or to send information about news and events. It's less intrusive than email and provokes a more positive response. Our service allows you to send one text message to 1000's of numbers with the click of one button!

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Telecom Services

We offer rapid setup of geographical numbers which are billed monthly. Contact us for current prices - setup fees and line tariffs are subject to change as we shop around to get you the best deal due to the highly competitive nature of the telecomms market.

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Company Incorporations

Nominet, the UK name registry will allow only private limited companies to use the top level domain If the, and .com .org or .net have already gone, why not register the limited company in the name of your choice and register the name.

Before you read further. Here's the price! 140 + vat ! (including domain registration and 10MB Hosting or web forwarding for 1 year) The complete one-stop-shop for expert incorporation and domain name registration.

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