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 backup services

Secure Backup

(aq) offer 2 distinct backup services:

  • scheduled
  • ad hoc

scheduled service : this is more suitable for clients with colocated hardware within our harbour exchange POP. We allocate a set quota of space, which can be accessed via sftp2 or scp2 (ie an encrypted login, to ensure only you can access your backup space). Data is uploaded to the (aq) backup store on a routine basis by the client. (aq) then performs backup-to-tape of the data on a routine basis.

ad hoc: If you have a server in your own offices, it may be advantageous to perform a backup whenever the office is to be left empty. Sending the data via the internet to an (aq) backup server is an ideal solution. We offer a dedicated fast connection for backup purposes.

Disaster Recovery

In the event that you need your data in a hurry, we can provide access via sftp2 or, if the amount of data is too large, we can arrange for a courier to deliver the data on DAT or optical media - 24/7 !

Need to know more? contact us by phone (08707 449 227) or click here.

Backup is not an "off the shelf" service, so ordering is by consultancy with one of our engineers, who can advise on the best solution for your needs and also on pricing.

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